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It seems that Microsoft shares an issue that is a bit like one that can happen in mobile devices. When you reset your device on an Android Device and you have accounts that sync data with their own internal folders, there can be lingering information even after a reset of the device. Although not as prevalent as it once was, the advice was and still is, to remove all accounts before beginning the reset process. This is so that there is no data left behind after a reset. This same issue has popped up in Windows 10.

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Here at DecryptedTech we love semantics as they provide us with endless hours of fun not only deciphering the hidden message behind the words, but also in laughing at the message that is trying to be presented. Today we are taking a look at Microsoft’s latest PR move and how they hope it will not only help them recover from the sins of the past, but hurt Google just a little bit.

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Users of the OneDrive  cloud storage services in the coming days will get a new version of the mobile application, as well as some improvements in the Web interface. Microsoft has responded to user comments and advices, and in this service installed a few minor improvements that should facilitate the daily work.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014 16:26

SkyDrive becomes OneDrive

Last month, Microsoft officially announced that the SkyDrive service, because of a dispute over the name, will be renamed to OneDrive, a change which came into force from today. Existing users of the SkyDrivea will not see significant changes in applications and their functionality, since it will all work the same as before.

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