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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 06:26

Bad Routing Slows Down US to EU Traffic

Yesterday a planned update managed to take down part of the transatlantic cabling that connects the US to EU. Although there are no really firm details we do know that for a couple of hours services were disrupted for European Internet users. Multiple companies responded to the disruption with information pages. Swedish Telecom Telias confirmed the shortly after the complaints began hitting sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Windows 8, Microsoft’s heavily cloud based operating system, is due to hit the market in four days along with their Surface RT Tablet. While Microsoft (including Bill Gates) is talking up the operating system and its virtues there are many in the industry that are concerned about what will happen once (really if) a larger number of people start using these cloud services. This is highlighted today by yet another outage at Amazon that brought down many services including Reddit.

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