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With the launch of Intel’s Haswell there was the normal shift to a new chipset. This is Intel’s Z87 chipset and everyone rushed to get their version of this new chipset out onto the market. Many of the boards that reached consumers were just rehashes of boards that were already on the market with the Z77 chipset, but with the bonus of improved performance under Haswell. So with that in mind we have Asus’ Z87-Expert up on the test bench to see just how it stacks up to the older Z77 boards running Ivy Bridge. Let’s dive in.

It looks like Intel will be delaying their next CPU core, Broadwell by at least one quarter. The reason for this delay has been listed as a technical difficulties. What these difficulties are we have not been able to identify, but it is possible that the 14nm process could be part of the equation. Intel showed Broadwell working at IDF which is good news, but it is still possible that there are minor problems with yields that put things behind schedule.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013 22:02

AMD plans a Cheaper FX-9000 line


AMD has once again lowered the price of processors from the line FX-9000, the company's flagship chips for overclockers and enthusiasts. Company in the US FX-9000 series of processors only sells to PC manufacturers, but on European soil they had been available to interested buyers in several online hardware stores.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:05

Xigmatek Orthrus cooler


Xigmatek has officially unveiled Orthrus SD1467, processor cooler initially demonstrated at the recent Computex. Cooler is by dimensions and characteristics designed for demanding users and more powerful configuration with processors from the upper market segment.

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Editor’s Note – We delayed our release of the Haswell review due to some performance issues we saw with some of our tests. We reached out to Intel and all of the companies that provide our testing software to ensure that our numbers were accurate. We did find that at least Sisoft’s SANDRA suite needed to address the use of the AVX2 instructions in Haswell. We are also in the process of validating LightWave 11 for use in the lab (and other new tests).  Additionally we removed the gaming tests from this review, due to problems encountered with the updated games we are using. We intended to publish our gaming tests at a later date. This should help show off Haswell and the new Z87 chipset in a better light than some of the current tests. So without further commentary lets dive into our Haswell review

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G.Skill intends to enter into another market segment. The company announced at the Computex presentation their first product lines of the peripherals for gamers.

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Some of you might remember the days of the “P” rating CPUs. It was an interesting time when you never really knew what you were actually getting in terms of clock speed. Instead you were able to get a CPU named something like P333 or P500. This was an attempt by some manufacturers to show their “P”erformance rating in relation to Intel’s Pentium. Cyrix, AMD, and a couple of others used this to sell CPUs. Unfortunately everyone knew that the P did not really stand for performance it really meant Pentium equivalency. A Cyrix P667 was supposed to perform as well as an Intel Pentium 667 (at least on paper). Sadly this just confused the market more and we all had the fun of trying to figure out what our CPUs were really doing. Now we might be seeing the trend return, but perhaps in reverse as AMD has announced the Centurion CPU.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 20:36

New coolers from SilverStone


SiverStone presented several processor coolers inside Argon product line, designed for Intel and AMD chips. They presented three classic tower design coolers which differ in the diameter of the fan and the number and thickness of the hot water pipes.

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Friday, 05 April 2013 20:43

Asus Titan breaks world records

Asus Titan

Asus likes to boast with speed records they achieve with their own computer components. The latest of them relates to the company's version of the monstrous GeForce GTX Titan, the most powerful graphics card with one GPU that money can currently buy.

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Saturday, 16 March 2013 20:37

Corsair Vengeance Extreme is really extreme


Corsair has introduced the Extreme Vengeance DDR3 memory kit, which is currently the fastest available memory module. It is a dual-channel DDR3 memory kit with two plates of 4 GB (8 GB total) that run on a standard clock speed of up to 3000 MHz at voltage of 1.65 V and 12-14-14-36 latency.

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