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There is a phrase in the patent world that used to mean something, but now seems to have lost its meaning: prior art. The term according to Miriam Webster means: “the processes, devices, and modes of achieving the end of an alleged invention that were known or knowable by reasonable diligence before and at its date —used chiefly in patent law”. To put it simply prior art is any technology, device, papers, theory, etc. that was publicly known at the time of “invention” and before the patent filing which could have influenced (or actually did) the inventors.

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Saturday, 30 March 2013 08:39

Apple wants patent on flexible wrapped screen


Apple has filed a patent application for a future "smart" mobile phone with a transparent body and a flexible screen "wrapped" around the entire body of the device. The patent application that is named "Electronic device with wrap around display" describes the phone or other electronic device that has a screen all over the body, and users should have all the interaction with the device using the touch screen without any physical buttons.

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Monday, 11 March 2013 18:47

Apple did not break Samsung's 3G patent right

applesamsungWhen companies go into a patent war, you can expect all sorts of cheap shots to be seen. Samsung was accusing Apple of violating patents related to 3G technology, but it turned out that the allegations were unfounded.

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