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scrollbar_drinksIt is a parent’s nightmare and something that happens more often that many colleges and bars would care to admit; drugging some girls drink in order to take advantage of her. We as parents go through the litany; never accept a drink from anyone, never let your drink out of your site,… if you are a parent or have a little sister you know the drill.

Well, now in addition to good advice, common sense (a stun gun, martial arts training, a body guard…) you can also give your daughter, sister (or even wife) something else to help. Some geniuses in Israel have come up with a device that can detect the most common drugs used in date rape crimes. The device is disguised to look like a swizzle stick or a straw so that the perpetrator is not aware that you are looking for anything. Inside the device is a solution that changes color in the presence of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) and Ketamine for now, but the manufacturers are working to add even more.

They have even added a light to it so that you can use it in dark places. So far the accuracy rate has been 100% which seriously impressive. It is a brilliant idea and one that I hope they can add a few things into; like the ability to shoot a toxic dart at the person that put the drug in, or burn them with acid… hey I can dream can’t I?

Source CNET

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