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We told you that as soon as we had access to the cross examination of Peter Bressler we would bring it to you and now we have that. It is exactly what we expected. Bressler was not thorough in his examination of Phones and picked the details he wanted to highlight while skipping over many that might counter his claims. This is despite his claims to the court that as an Industrial designer he was trained to identify the small details. Samsung’s questioning found those inconstancies and narrowed down on them quickly including one or two contradictions.

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14621rotten apple

Apple has a very short memory and also a nasty little habit of getting people involved that share their paranoia. Today one of the people that Apple called was designer Peter Bressler. For those of you that do not know who he is he is a famous designer that also founded his own design group in Philadelphia and was also a leading member of the Industrial Designers Society of America. Sounds like some pretty impressive credentials right? Well we though so as well until we found a small note on the Bressler Group’s site that said “In a world where distinctions are becoming ever more indistinct. Where a $10 wristwatch may well keep better time than a $10,000 chronograph. Where new products proliferate, and differences between them are the difference between success and failure, product design that communicates has never mattered more.”

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