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T-Mobile has disclosed their second breach of 2023. According to the mobile provider a threat actor gained access to their systems in February and was not detected until March. This allowed the attacker access to a small amount of customer data, 836 records. T-Mobile is stating that the data did not contain financial information, but it did contain enough Personally Identifying Information (PII) that the affected customers are exposed to identity theft.

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Google is an odd company. They have used the personal vs corporate data ownership line like a jump rope over the years. We have watched them for a long time and all we can say is that their track record on protecting personal information and privacy has been both good and bad with them being on the bad side for most of recent history. After being a vehement opposer of bills like SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect our Intellectual Property Act) they quickly dropped those stances and started facilitating blanket takedown noticed from the MPAA (now the MPA) and RIAA. The blanket notices often came from law firms that provided little more than links to Google which Google then removed from their search engine and YouTube.

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