Saturday04 February 2023

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When I opened my email this morning I saw that one of our readers had submitted a link that had me very excited (no it was not porn… sheesh). The title of the article was “Lego ponders Portal pack”. Now I do not know about you, but what that said to me was that Lego was considering adding Portal to their very popular (and fun) Lego line of video games. I have played many of the other Lego series of games and they are great, so of course I was excited about the possibility that Lego would buy into the Portal franchise. Unfortunately, my imagination got away with me and I quickly discovered that the article was not about a game, but an actual Lego set.

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learnwithportalsWhen the game Portal first hit I was stunned at its brilliance. It was a very complicated concept stuck into a humorous and simple format. It had winning elements borrowed from some of my favorite games of all times (the constantly insulting GLaDOS was the SHODAN Computer from System Shock) and even the run down environment felt very familiar (because it was just like the inside of the Original HalfLife). Put simply, the game built on past experiences in a new and surprisingly fun way.

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GLaDOSIf earnings calls or the fate of Apple post-Steve Jobs is not your thing then the following bit of news might be up your alley. It seems that Valve will be releasing a new map editor for the amazingly popular puzzle game Portal 2. The free downloadable content add-on will be called the Perpetual Testing Initiative and will hit Steam in early May (some are claiming May 8th).

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