Thursday23 March 2023

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We have been trying to stay out of the conversation about the strength of the iPhone 6 and all that goes with it. However some recent items in that story have changed our minds. The most recent is the alleged response by Apple to Computer Bild’s coverage of the issue. According to Computer Bild, Apple is revoking their press credentials which will prevent them from attending any future Apple vents.

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Electronic Arts has announced plans by which they will throw their weapons from licensed games, which will be reflected in their upcoming projects. This decision has nothing to do with the recent shootings and attempts to blame the video games for them.

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Nokia and Motorola have launched their new phones and the mainstream sites have decided to speak. Their verdict is that neither Motorola with their ICS based RAZRs nor Nokia with their Fischer Price colored Lumia phones were good. One of the biggest complaints about Motorola seemed to be that the three new phones that were being shown will only ship with Android 4.0. This is unusual in that Motorola is now owned by Google and you would think that these phones would have the latest and greatest from Google right out of the box. For Nokia it seemed to be the fact that a commercial used gave the impression that it was shot with the Lumia 920’s Pureview camera.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 13:34

Apple and the Big Lie


Back when I was working as a photographer, a friend of mine had a funny name for weddings: The Big Lie. He said that there was nothing worse than two people standing up in front of “God and everyone” and lying to one other’s faces like that. Of course, Wedding shoots were one of his most profitable sessions, so he did not let this interfere with making money. It is this money that motivates many companies to lie to the consumer. It was certainly a motivator when Apple told its Big Lie to the world about their innovations for the iPhone, iPad, and many other products.

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