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According to the data available from Sony's technical documents, as well as expert analysis, Sony PS4 console will not allow developers to access all of 8 GB of RAM console has. Specifically, developers will have at their disposal only 4.5 GB, which can additionally be increased to a maximum of 5.5 GB, in “certain cases” and in special configurations.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:26

Xbox One subscriptions surpassed PS4 ones


When Microsoft finally realized that they were badly wrong with the way they presented their console, they decided to change their politics overnight, and announced that it they are dropping DRM and restrictions relating to the loan and exchange of used games, it immediately reflected in the subscription.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 21:49

Sony increased estimates for PS4 sales


It is now clear to everyone that Microsoft itself has not made any good promotion with the launch of Xbox One at E3, and many would say that they hurt themselves more with the decisions related to this console. In this sense, the Wall Street Journal believes that the increase in Sony's internal estimates of PS4 sales in the first months may be more Microsoft's fault than Sony's.

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Sony has confirmed that we will be able to play all PlayStation 4 games with Remote Play functionality on small screens of PS Vita. This is done in a way that the stream is performed at the system level, while on the PlayStation 3 support should've been inserted into the games.

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Although we have already reported that the Xbox will have a really hard time fighting against the new Sony console, one of the important factors for some of the user and was a statement that the PlayStation 4 will not forbid the exchange of used games. Of course those words brought joy to pirates ears, but also to many of us who considered game sharing good and reasonable practice.

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There are few times in the consumer electronics world when one company can put a hurting on another in a truly significant way. Most of the time it is merely a matter of PR and marketing efforts to sway an increasingly jaded market. However, in the “next generation” console market there has been just such an event; Sony has just give Microsoft a rather solid kick to the groin. After watching Microsoft lock everyone into an always online connection, restricting used games and requiring the Kinect to use the new Xbox, Sony catered to the annoyed masses and offered them a better deal.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:27

Sony PlayStation 4 teaser video


Sony will be at E3 on the 10th of June of this year at an event where they will present PlayStation 4 console. Since the launch, or rather demonstration of PlayStation 4 in February this year, so far they did have not demonstrated not a single thumbnail to advise on how will  the console actually look like, so you may be a little intrigued by the teaser below, which, according to the good old custom hides more than it shows.

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If you were worried about Microsoft’s response to the new PlayStation 4 you can rest easy... Well you can start to think about resting easy. You see although


Microsoft has not (and will not) officially talked the next generation Xbox (that everyone is calling the Xbox 720 for now) we are hearing that this new product will be released in May. If this rumor is true it still does not give us much more than a possible moth that the new console will be released and a few rumors on what might be inside.

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Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein had, as most of the heads of major development studies, the opportunity to witness all that the recently announced PlayStation 4 has to offer. Quite expectedly Rein is thrilled with hardware capabilities of the new console and the "crazy things" that Play Station 4 allows.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 22:00

Are these the Specifications for the Xbox 720?


Portal VGLEAKS says they managed to get their hands on the detailed specifications of Microsoft's new video game console Xbox 720 (Durango). Although there is no indication from which source this information came from, it sounds quite plausible and very interesting. The leaked specs partially overlap with some earlier rumors which do add to their credibility.

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