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eye-maskIt seems that some members of the AntiSec group have recently released a large amount of information about law enforcement officers to include their names addresses, social security numbers and in some cases credit card information. Now, I have no love at all for corrupt police officers or ones that abuse their position of authority, but exposing their personal information puts innocents at risk.

You see the bad guys rarely go after the officer in question directly. No, they go after the family the wife, kids etc.  So while I have never had an issue with the things that Anonymous have done in the past. For the most part they go after corporate entities that have no respect for the consumer or anyone else for that matter. However this particular portion of the group has stepped over a line that will lose them appeal from the average person. Now the media can claim they have put innocent people at risk (and they have in truth).  

Anonymous was better off when they were going after the corporations and the government instead of releasing information of this type. Of course on the other side of the coin, I also put blame on the people hosting these sites as they are responsible for protecting that information and failed in that duty not once but twice.

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