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There is nothing like an unresolved security flaw in a major product. Especially when the flaw is one that the developer knows about but does not consider important enough to fix in a timely manner. If the flaw is in a commonly used product, it is even better. In this case we are talking about a flaw we covered back on the 23rd of June. This is a bug that can allow an attacker to mimic an internal sender to get around file handling from external senders. In our opinion, it is significant, but Microsoft has no plans to remediate it any time soon. I guess they have other things on their plate like Privacy Investigations in the EU (Over Teams and Office) and the pending Activision/Blizzard deal in court in the US.

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US and other Western Organizations are preparing for potential cyber attacks from Russia, especially banks after a new wave of sanctions went into effect that included blocking the banks from the SWIFT system and freezing Russian assets. The goal of these moves is to make it difficult for Russia to continue with their invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions have also had an unintended effect on the citizens in Russia as they rush to pull money out of the banks before they lose access.

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