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Will video game graphics reach reality quality

A popular topic of discussion when it comes to video game graphics is whether or not there will ever be graphics that are so realistic that they match reality. It’s a given that with the speed of progression within the last decade that we will eventually have graphics that match reality, but the question is how soon? According to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) it’s not as far off as some might think.

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Gamers there is great news for you! According to Microsoft your text will now render up to 336% faster than in Windows 7! This means that if you are playing a text based game you are going to get blazing fast performance.  Although not related to gamers the announcement that Windows 8 now renders text faster than Windows 7 due to DirectWrite has been used to create headlines that read Windows 8 Smokes Windows 7. Unfortunately Microsoft is only talking about 2D graphic and the user interface. Microsoft has also done something that is very disingenuous; they used percentages instead of raw numbers.

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nV_LogonVidia is moving to create their own cloud-based gaming solution using Kepler as their base. After what we saw with Lucid and even at the nVidia press conference at CES this year we are not surprised at all. Gaming is one of nVidia’s biggest investments and it only stands to reason that they would want to capitalize on this in one way or another.

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