Wednesday07 December 2022

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Following on the heels of the removal of a talk about unmasking users of the TOR network we are now hearing that someone has been attacking the anonymity service for the last 5-6 months in an attempt to ind out who is using the service. The TOR Project has just warned its users about an attack that is trying to expose users.

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IntroFUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) comes in many forms. The most common is through the use of the News (printed and internet) here as hundreds of millions of people consume content from multiple sources the seeds of misinformation can be sewn with relative ease. Over the past few months we have seen the NSA, the FBI, Fox News, Symantec and others start to pain the Anonymous (and other) online movement as villains. The FBI, CIA and NSA have even begun the campaign to throw them into the same category as terrorists. Most of these have not met with success as more and more people are beginning to read between the lines of the daily news, but it still has an impact.

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