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According to a study at Princeton University social network Facebook will in the next three years lose about 80% of its users. Study of the Department of Mechanics and Aeronautics argues that weakening of Facebook will occur because of loss of user between the 2015 and in 2017.

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win8logoredesignedWe have talked (at length) about Microsoft’s new move to the cloud and also their push with the Windows 8 Ecosystem (which is the cloud). We have pointed out many items of concern as well as shown some of the good parts to the OS; such as faster boot times, much better windows explorer interface, significantly improved task manager etc. However, the one massive point that we cannot get past is the choice Microsoft has made in making the Xbox and Windows Phone the center of the connected home. What Microsoft has done with this mode of thinking is what earned me a D- on a science paper in High School; Concluding the Assumption.

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