Tuesday28 March 2023

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Irony is one of those things that you really have to savor. We are sure that both Intel and AMD are savoring the irony of AMD launching a new line of servers running Intel Xeon E3-1260L CPUs. The new server will be sold by AMD’s wholly owned subsidiary Seamicro, but we all know that AMD is the name behind it all. AMD bought Seamicro last year primarily for their interconnect technology, but we are also sure their rising server business was a bonus.

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Rumors are fun things, but in the end a good deal of them can be counted out with little more than common sense (and a little research). An interesting rumor that popped up in the past weeks is one that is trying to claim that AMD is a prime target for acquisition. Right now the potential buyers are listed as Samsung and Qualcomm, but does any of that make sense? Is AMD really a prime target for acquisition and are they ready to be bought out by someone else? Let’s take a look at these rumors and see if they hold any water.a

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AMD_logoYou know, there is a certain irony when a company brags about a product that contains their competitor’s hardware. Unfortunately for AMD that is exactly the position they are in right now. AMD recently bought the company Seamicro (for a hand sum) for the purposes of gaming their interconnect technology. Intel picked up Cray’s interconnect unit shortly after, but there is talk that their deal pre-existed the AMD one. However, regardless of who bought what first AMD bought the whole company while Intel only picked up a certain division.

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