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Friday, 13 December 2013 10:07

Further investments for Snapchat

Last month, a huge public attention was drawn when a successful start-up Snapchat made a decision to refuse billions from Google and Facebook and stay, at least for now, in the hands of its founder, who are students at Stanford.

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Friday, 15 November 2013 06:39

Snapchat turns down Facebook once again

According to information from the Wall Street Journal, Snapchat once again rejected Facebook's bid. Although this time they offered three times higher price, it did not make any difference.

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Thursday, 07 November 2013 19:29

Twitter enters the stock market

Twitter, the popular microblogging service, during Thursday at 11 a.m. by the local time began public trading of its shares. Trade takes place on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol TWTR.

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From this week, Google introduced a novelty on its social network Google+, which is on the other networks like Twitter or Facebook known for a long time. Specifically, (almost) all users will be able to choose your own unique URL that leads to their profile in the format

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Although Google is probably the leader in internet advertising they are now taking their cues from Facebook. According to Google’s new terms and conditions they are giving themselves the rights to any images you post for advertisements. After Facebook’s recent slap on the wrist for illegally using the images of their users for advertising Facebook used the ruling to make important changes to their data usage policy which ensured they would still be able to use the data they wanted. It would seem that others were looking into this and are now making changes to follow Facebook’s lead.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013 20:17

Twitter purchased MoPub


Twitter has taken over the company MoPub, which is known for its own advertising platform for mobile devices. MoPub was founded in 2010, and has its own advertising platform for which they claim that it serves over a billion ads a day to users of applications on Android and iOS.

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Monday, 02 September 2013 20:43

Facebook flaw allows users to delete any photo


Indian enthusiast Arul Kumar who deals with computer security issues, reported a flaw in the social network Facebook, which allows you to delete any photo on Facebook within one minute. Failure is spotted within Support Dashboard portal that allows users to send complaints regarding violation or offensive content, and monitor whether the individual complaint is processed. Facebook employees handle complaints 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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It’s been said that if you have something that you don’t want the entire world to hear, don’t say it online.  In today’s world, online privacy is a vanishing commodity and perhaps nowhere is that privacy more at risk than Facebook.  When you combine a site that contains personal information on over one billion people with the highest traffic of any site on the Internet (sorry, Google), concerns are bound to rise.  The latest privacy issue to come to public attention is facial recognition, specifically in Europe.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013 06:20

Facebook camera by Canon


In early September, we can expect a new Canon PowerShot camera model called N to hit the market. It is an ultracompact model with CMOS sensor with a 12.1 megapixel resolution, a 2.8 inches backlit screen, DIGIC 5 processor, 28-224mm f/3.0-5.9 8x optical zoom lens.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013 17:40

TweetDeck for even faster tweeting


Application TweetDeck brings an upgrade they intended for users who like to write a large number of tweets on the microblogging service Twitter. Novelty is a special New Tweet panel that will make writing tweets much easier than it was before. There are three icons that allow you to quickly add files to a new tweet, then the option of programming tweets to be sent at a specific time in the future, and icon to quickly send a direct message.

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