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Yesterday we talked about how the social network gaming company Zynga was having a rough time of things. Now we are hearing that they could be pulling off a desperation move by suing another company over trademark infringement. The culprit here is the developer behind the adult app Bang with Friends (who has the same name as the app). Now, while we could see Zynga getting a little upset over the title for a few reasons not the least of which is associating this title with their kid friendly games that have the same naming scheme. However to try and claim trademark infringement because of the “with friends” part is a little much.

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Monday, 08 July 2013 19:48

Twitter also wants to follow us on the web


Twitter on their blog publicly announced their intent to use "cookies" in the browser, which will be installed on users' computers, and will be used for their monitoring. Of course, the basic idea is that this service will give them data on the habits of users so they could sell them to companies later, who will then be able to create personalized deals.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 09:17

Adios Privacy


Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a Mediator and this must be the heart.” – Metropolis, 1927 - Universum

Governments around the globe are working hard to develop guidelines and laws that will ensure the protection of your data, your information and you. That has to make you feel about as safe as someone coming to your door and saying, “I’m from the tax service and here to help you.” Actually, their work doesn’t make me feel good or concerned. My information – and yours – is already out there. And we all keep adding to it voluntarily for them.

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Remember Path? You know them, the social community that was accused of abusing access to their members’ mobile address books? Well they are at it again. The problem popped up not that long after they got into trouble for collecting information illegally including personal information about minors. They were reprimanded and fined $800,000 (which to a large business is still not that much). You would think they would have learned their lesson about this. Sadly it still seems to be an issue and Path argues that it this is all about maintaining the user experience.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 18:32

LinkedIn acquired Pulse


Pulse or the company behind this applicatio is now owned by LinkedIn. This mobile application, designed to display news is available on all widespread platforms. Pulse was founded back in 2010 by two students at the Stanford University, Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari. It currently has over 30 million users (40% outside of the U.S.) in more than 190 countries all over the world,

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Although many would say there are far more fake accounts, Facebook has admitted that in the past year about 76 million "fake" profiles have been opened on their service that has just over a billion users. These fall under the double accounts, wrongly classified and unwanted accounts and those where users deliberately identify themselves with a false name. In total, therefore, according to Facebook the fake accounts amount to 7% of the total number of users.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 21:23

Twitter reaches 200 million


Twitter celebrated their sixth anniversary back in March. During the celebration the company announced that they had reached over 140 million active users per month and that there are around 340 million tweets made daily. [This is not a bad achievement, but it does make use wonder about the sheer amount of inane information that gets broadcast around the globe every day; 140 words at a time. –Ed]

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Friday, 14 December 2012 20:51

Faster Facebook app for Android


Facebook has released a new edition of their application for use on devices based on Android. Unlike previous versions the new is not based on HTML, but a native app for Google's mobile OS. Frank Qixing Du, an engineer on the Facebook for Android team said that “This new release creates a solid foundation for the Facebook for Android app moving forward. The infrastructure in place will let us continue to make the app even faster, smoother, and feature-rich.”

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Friday, 30 November 2012 20:31

Americans like Facebook the most

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The firm Morrison & Forrester has published statistics which are intended to show the online habits of Americans. Among other things; they Compared Facebook and Google+ for relative traffic. You can already make some predictions yourself from personal experience about these two. Facebook was here first, picked up tons of users, over time there was more and more spam, ads and irrelevant things. Meanwhile Google Plus came along, was announced as a revolution, but failed to attract a larger number of users. However from a personal point of view and of several people I talked to, Google Plus has a lot less spam and "stupid" things, also discussions have higher quality, and there is no so many people that have their profiles solely to get 50+ likes on half naked pictures.

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Friday, 02 November 2012 06:08

Social Media Helps During A Disaster

Twitter Bird

By now, everyone has heard of Hurricane Sandy, dubbed by some a “Franken-storm”, which has plunged much of the East coast into chaos. Millions upon millions of civilians lost access to power, and as NYC flooded, many were forced to evacuate. There were hundreds of thousands of calls, round the clock, to emergency lines like 911. Too many calls for many people to get through without waiting for a long period of time, so, some citizens took a less common approach to getting help.

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