Sunday25 September 2022

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Recently a SolarWinds Web Help Desk client reported an attempted attack on their externally facing Web Help Desk instance. The attack was caught by their EDR system which was able to block the attempt. However, the reported attack, after a review, has caused concern with SolarWinds who is now advising their customers to remove public access to avoid possible compromise.

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The SolarWinds supply chain attack was and still is one of the most complex and ingenious attacks that has come to light. How it was discovered is also an interesting topic for another conversation. The attack group in question is still being speculated on although one most people tend to gravitate towards is the Russian APT group COZY BEAR (APT29). The actual attack and compromise of the software repository at SolarWinds is the stuff of legend. Once that was completed it allowed the attackers access to a wide swath of business verticals along with government agencies from a single trusted source. They could, almost on a whim, compromise anyone that leveraged the SolarWinds product. Of course, supply chain attacks are nothing new and are not going anywhere. They are complicated to set up and maintain, but once in place they can yield amazing results.

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