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ssd01After our first run through with the Kingston HyperX SH100S3B 120GB SSD we had more than a few comments stating that 120GB was just not enough to work with. Although your typical 120GB drive is intended to be used as a boot drive with some basic applications installed on this drive it is not meant to be the only drive. Well people still did not want to hear about that so we managed to arrange to take a peek at Kingston’s next upgrade kit, the HyperX 3K 240GB upgrade kit which comes with a HyperX SH103S3 240GB SSD drive along with pretty much the same goodies you saw in the 120GB kit. So let’s take a quick look at what you have and then dive straight into performance.

IntroHere at DecryptedTech we have always had covered a very wide range of products (as well as technologies). However, there is one item that we have never really gotten too deep into. This is direct attached storage and in particular Solid State Drives (SSDs). It is true that we do show you their performance in almost every motherboard review that we do here on the site, but we have never reviewed any SSDs exclusively. We have had many reasons for this not the last of which is there is still debate on how to properly test an SSD or HDD. While some feel that IOPs (Input Output Operations per Second) are key others want to know exactly how fast their data moves into and out of the drive. We sat down and have come up with what we hope is a good balance of synthetic and real world tests that will give you the best idea of how an SSD performs. So with that in mind we are going to dive into Kingston’s HyperX SH100S3B/120G 120GB Solid Sate Drive Upgrade Kit.

_MG_7404CES 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada – another of the stops that we had during the week-long show was Kingston. We have worked with Kingston for a very long time and have always appreciated their unique mix of open ideas and standards. Kingston is one of the few companies that have always ensured the broadest base of compatibility while not giving up on performance.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 07:08

The Global HDD Shortage Continues...

HDD-PicThe HDD shortage has been a big story almost since the day the flooding started in Thailand. Initially it appeared that Western Digital was the hardest hit and the ones that would bear the brunt of the damage as not only were they the only company to have their factories completely submerged during the worst of the flooding, but they also lost a legal battle with Seagate and had to pay up over 300 Million Dollars to cover damages. Things were looking very bleak for them, but many other companies found themselves in trouble as the supply of key parts were affected.

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LSI_logo-sandjpgRight after the announcement of the SLI/SandForce deal we reached out to a couple of our sources; one at LSI and one inside the Sandforce Sales team. We have already told you about our surprise to hear that people in the DAS (Direct Attached Storage) group had no inkling that the deal was going to happen. One even made the comment that they thought Intel would end up grabbing them. It seemed odd that this would happen with this particular group… at least it did at the time.

We also speculated that LSI might not have talked to the DAS group (even the senior staff) because they would not be part of the new division. That is to say that LSI might end up with their own flash memory drive group. This is not an unbelievable thought as just about any company with access to Flash memory can build SSDs.

Now we have heard back from our contact inside Sandforce and although the reply was the “party line” we think this one does ring true.  The comment was something on the order of this move will help us extend our reach. SFI (SandForce Inc.) has a pretty good reach as it is; they are deep in with OCZ, Kingston, Patriot, Corsair and many others. To say that LSI lets them extend their reach is a great clue to what might be in store in the near future.

We feel that LSI could be very interested in making their own SSDs to compete on the market.  However, we do not think they will be pulling the plug from their partners any time soon either. You see LSI needs flash memory; this means they need to work with companies like Kingston, OCZ and others to get that vital piece of the puzzle. LSI will get the know-how and performance from SFI and SFI will get the bank roll and size of a company like LSI. We also expect to see LSI take its enterprise knowledge and put it to use making enterprise class SSDs. They have great deal of experience working with Seagate to optimize their controllers for the enterprise market and now they have what they need to push SSDs into that coveted space with a solid name behind them.

The next piece of the puzzle would be LSI entering into an agreement with one of the bigger flash memory companies. If this happens it would complete the set and make this scenario even more likely.

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New Patriot Memory Pyro SATA III brings cutting-edge SandForce processor to the performance segment

FREMONT, CALIF., USA – August 3rd, 2011 - Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage, and enthusiast computer products, today expanded their new line up of SATA III solid-state drives with the launch of its new Pyro line powered by SandForce’s® new SF-2281 SSD processor. The Patriot Memory Pyro series raises the bar on what’s expected from performance class SSD drives delivering enterprise-like performance to consumer desktops and notebooks.

The Pyro series utilizes the new SandForce® SF-2281 processor enabling it to eclipse previous mid-tier SSD performance scores with up to a blazingly-fast 550MB/s sequential read and up to 515MB/s sequential write speeds provided through a SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface. The Pyro series will feature a standard 2.5-inch form factor for compatibility with notebooks and select desktops and will ship with the latest 3.1.9 firmware

The Patriot Memory Pyro will continue to aggressively expand on what consumers can expect out of performance class solid state drives.” Says William Lai, Patriot Memory’s Product Manager. “With near enterprise level performance by utilizing the new SandForce® SF-2281, coupled with Patriot Memory's reputation; Pyro will deliver unmatched price per performance."


General details

  • New Patriot Pyro series SSDs
  • 60GB, 120GB, & 240GB capacities
  • SandForce® SF-2281 SSD processor
  • SATA 6.0 Gbps interface
  • Up to 550MB/s sequential read speeds
  • Up to 515MB/s sequential write speeds
  • Up to 85K 4K random write IOPS
  • TRIM Support

About Patriot Memory

Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets high performance, enthusiast memory modules, flash products, and computing technologies. Patriot products have become world renown for their extreme performance, reliability and innovation. Patriot Memory sells its products through original equipment manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and distributors throughout the world with operations in North America, Asia and Europe. Patriot Memory LLC was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA.

All company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated. Features, pricing, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Kingston Digital Ships SandForce-based HyperX SSD


Fountain Valley, CA -- (August 1, 2011) -- Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it is shipping the HyperX® SSD, its first SATA Rev. 3.0 6Gb/s solid-state drive. The Kingston® HyperX SSD features the latest SandForce® controller and is designed for enthusiasts, gamers and performance users.

Kingston HyperX SSD highlights include:

  • 120GB and 240GB capacities*. Ships as a standalone SSD (includes HyperX branded 2.5" to 3.5" desktop mounting plate); or as a bundle with the HyperX Upgrade Kit for easy installation (includes Acronis® True Image™ HD migration software, desktop mounting plate, external drive bay, multi-head screwdriver, SATA data cable.

·         Incredible sequential read/write throughputs of 555 / 510MB/s1.

  • SandForce SF-2281 controller featuring SATA Rev 3.0 (6GB/s).

·         Max 4KB random read/write of 95,000 / 70,000 IOPS2 (120GB).

·         Premium Intel 25nm Compute NAND (P/E 5K).


Kingston HyperX SSD

Part number

Capacity and features

Street Pricing3,,,  

(U.S. only)


120GB Stand-alone SSD

$ 269.99


240GB Stand-alone SSD

$ 284.99


120GB HyperX Bundle Kit

$ 519.99


240GB HyperX Bundle Kit

$ 539.99


* Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage. For more information, please consult Kingston’s Flash Memory Guide at        

1 Based on internal testing. Performance may vary based on system settings.

2 Based on “out-of-box performance with IOMeter08.

3 Limited time at launch.

 About Kingston Digital, Inc.

Kingston Digital, Inc. (“KDI”) is the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. Established in 2008, KDI is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, USA. For more information, please visit or call 800-337-8410.


 #  #  #

Kingston and the Kingston logo are registered trademarks of Kingston Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. All other marks may be the property of their respective titleholders.




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Tuesday, 20 July 2010 20:48

07-20-2010 Deliveries and a change in the Lab

RAM-01Once more the UPS truck hits my driveway and brings some new toys to the lab. This time the parts are for reorganization. As the lab is right now I use multiple vendors for the parts used. I try to have two of each to keep things even but I am still working with having to keep up with multiple companies and that can be a pain. To help fix some of this Cameron at Tweak Town worked with Corsair to source much of the hardware we use for the test benches. We were able to get quite a bit to maintain two full test benches. Here is what has arrived so far.

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