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Sunday, 06 April 2014 21:20

Google fined in Italy over Street View

Google has paid one million euros fine handed down to him by the Italian Authority for the protection of privacy (Garant per la protezione dei give personali) after complaints that their cars used to capture the surrounding area for the Street View were not clearly marked.

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It took them six years but finally they managed to get the task done. Google has succeeded in their long quest to record every corner of Venice for their service Street View. After they made virtual tours of Antarctica, the White House hallways, or underwater Great Barrier Reef available to everyone, at the end of this year on Street View you will be able to check the Venice from a street point of view.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 05:55

Google Maps for iOS – 10 million in 48 hours


Shortly after the Apple replaced Google Maps with own solution with the launch of iOS6, it was quite obvious that if Google were to release a Google maps application it would be a hit on the platform. Immediately after the launch of Google maps it has become the most popular application in the App Store and the matter is now confirmed with the official results on the number of downloads.

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Google is not exactly looking good right now. It appears that despite being ordered to delete the data that they illegally captured from people in the UK through WiFi sniffers it put into its street view cars back in 2010. Google originally tried to claim that they did not collect any data. Then after it was proven they did that it was all due to a rouge programmer that did everything without authorization. This excuse did not hold up either when it was shown that people in management not only knew, but approved the collection.

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