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This is not the first time that I have spoken out about cloud computing (internet based, or the Internet of Things and the way they are impacting the ability to secure a network. It is also not going to be the last. Simply put, the concept that everything needs to be controlled by a computer and talk back to some sort of internet based cloud show a level of ignorance that should not still be out there. Sadly it is and companies are still trying to push the cloud and connected device mentality despite the inherent and known security flaws that exist.

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Almost two weeks ago we wrote an editorial about how security issues are more about the corporate culture than just weak passwords. In it we described a problem that exists in far too many companies where executives and/or vendors are the ones that are setting the security policies instead of the IT or IT security teams. This situation can be exceptionally frustrating when you are trying to keep the “bad guys” out, but not everyone really believes that this is how things work. Now, after New York Times article describing how the Home Depot ignored their own security staff, people might be forced to finally get the bigger picture.

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This morning as I was cursing through the internet news sites I noticed a trend. I saw multiple articles about the state of security all of them claiming that the bad guys a winning or lamenting about the increase in cyber-attacks. Both of these themes are very true, we are seeing an increase in the number of attacks per day (in 2012 it was roughly 1 per day) and the “bad guys” seem to be able to penetrate security with ease. So if this is the case, why do we see more and more efforts to move data and services into the cloud?

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 10:30

Retail chain Target attacked by hackers

One of the largest US retail chains, Target, founded in 1902 admitted that unknown attackers stolen encrypted PINs from their system. Alienated data contained the names of customers, credit and debit card and CCV numbers that are used to activate the card on Target's webpage.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 22:07

Nintendo Wii U sold out in the US


Wal-Mart and Target have revealed that interest in the Nintendo Wii U is surely big. The new console is already sold out in the United States. Some of the most famous and definitely the largest supermarket chains in the United States have stated that the Nintendo Wii U is already sold out. Specifically, Wal-Mart and Target are unanimous that the Nintendo Wii is sold out and that they were more than pleasantly surprised by the interest for the new console.

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