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The RomCom backdoor malware appears to have a new campaign running. The new campaign is using impersonation attacks for different software packages (some real, some not). The goal is to trick the unwary into downloading, and hopefully launching malicious payloads. This type of campaign leverages ad services like Google Ads as a “trusted” platform using ads for software that is either often sought after or currently very popular, like ChatGPT, PDF readers, Remote Management software, etc. They are also, at times, leveraged as links in targeted or blanket phishing and social engineering attacks to get the malware on the targeted systems.

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TrendMicro made a shocking revelation at Black Hat Asia 2023 where they disclosed an operation that has been running since 2018 targeting Android devices. The scheme was uncovered in 2021 while researchers at TrendMicro were looking into SMS PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) mobile bot net. They identified that the botnet had been helped along by a supply chain attack targeting the image used by OEM to rapidly deploy the OS onto the devices.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014 11:19

Sony hack was probably not from Korea… Go figure

So the big Sony Hack that everyone was talking about and that the US government blamed on Korea might not have been state sponsored after all. Despite the FBI’s initial (and way too fast) conclusion that the source of the attacks were from North Korea there was ample evidence that this was not the case from the start. Anyone familiar with the way an attack happens knows that the majority are going to be pushed through multiple proxies and will have some sort of obfuscation to hide who is doing what including using code that might have been used before.

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