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Friday, 14 February 2014 19:34

Asus Zenbook NX500 to arrive with 4K display

If the information obtained by the Notebook Italia prove to be true, this year Asus will introduce a new ultrabook called Zenbook NX500. The most interesting part by which Zenbook NX500 should stand out from other manufacturers who offer similar, certainly applies to the screen that Asus plans to equip to it. There is rumor about the screen that has a resolution of 4K (3840x2160 pixels), and a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

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Friday, 18 October 2013 18:50

NEC claims the Lightest Ultrabook

Under lengthy title LaVie Z LZ750/NS NEC announced lightest ultrabook laptop that should weigh a maximum of 795 grams together with battery. To make it so loghtweight (we must emphasize that it is a fully fledged notebook) they were combining materials such as magnesium when making the case.

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hp logo

Among HP’s new devices specially designed for Windows 8 (although some of them will not be available during the launch of Windows 8) are three models: the Envy x2, SpectreXT TouchSmart and TouchSmart Envy. The Envy x2 Hybrid is an ultra-thin notebook with an 11.6-inch display, Beats Audio speakers, NFC technology, and basic configuration price of $850.  The Envy x2 will be available on November 14. The “Hybrid” in the name means that this is actually a tablet that connects to docking station with a keyboard and ports.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 19:36

Samsung reveals their Windows 8 devices


After they announced that they will bring groundbreaking Windows 8 devices in an invitation for their event, Samsung finally revealed what they have made. The new line of so called Smart PCs will include Windows 8 ultrabooks, notebooks, tablet's and all-in-one PC'. This new line will be branded ATIV to separate them from Samsung’s Android based line. The two models are named Pro 700 T and 500 T; they will be a hybrid of tablets and notebooks. “A new category has arisen; the smart PC which is a combination of a PC and a tablet and Windows 8 is the linchpin,” Tim Baxter, Samsung’s American President, stated.

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One of the thing things that we find interesting in many leaks and even official documents about upcoming products is the use of percentages and multipliers without much real data. We saw this with Microsoft and their performance claims for Windows 8’s new desktop and 3D graphics performance. They used a ton of percentages and yet forgot to list the hardware they were comparing or any of the raw numbers. Not too long after that we saw ARM claim a base 50% performance increase with their next generation Mali GPUs over their current generation Mali GPUs. Again we do not have any real numbers or the basis for these claims. Unfortunately for ARM even a 50% performance increase will not make their next gen faster than some of their competition.

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asusdsc03767At Computex in Taipei AMD is showing off a prototype Windows 8 tablet. This is something that we predicted they would do right after they announced their shift to low power CPUs (well really APUs). It was a move that we predicted was not only logical, but one that was necessary for AMD with the shift to tablets and ultrabooks that many companies are making in anticipation of Windows 8 and its very touch oriented design.

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