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17It is a common comment that the people that buy Apple products will pay more to get less. Although there are some that have “done the math” and calculated the hardware costs a proof of this it is still not where near a “fact” (it is fun to say though). People tend to like what they like and will pay for what they want. As I was told before during a class on sales “a good deal is a state of mind”. If you think it is a good deal then, guess what, it is.

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linkedin-logoLinkedIn has confirmed that some of the roughly 6.45 Million (yes Million) user passwords that were stolen by a Russian hacker and posted in a forum (where he asked for help in decrypting them) do correspond to LinkedIn accounts. The breach has come on the heels of recent issues with their mobile app. This caused quite a stir and has caused a few people to stop using the mobile app completely.

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 08:56

Facebook is moving Pages to Timeline on March 30th

Facebook_logoWell we knew it was just a matter of time before this happened, but it looks like Facebook was intent on forcing the Timeline view on everyone. We opened up the DecryptedTech page this morning and were greeted with a new message telling us that Facebook was moving to a new page type on March 30th and that we could preview it now.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012 21:31

Could Anonymous Actually Be Doing Some Good?

anonThe online activist collective known as Anonymous has undergone a lot of changes in the years that is has been around. We have followed them and covered some of their highlights (and some of their blunder). They provide an interesting commentary on society and the internet. In a time when it has been commented that the media controls the information and governments are abusing their power, they almost act like a policing body. This is not to say that the activities of their members are always honest and forthright, in fact there are times when members of the collective do things that are appalling. However, we are seeing them bring some corporate and governmental practices into the open.

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GoogleIt looks like Google is having more problems today that just a security issue with Google Wallet. EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center) has filed suit against the Federal Trade Commission in order to force them to stop Google’s planned policy changes that will go into effect on March 1st.

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