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Thursday, 29 May 2014 15:41

Can we expect YahooTube this summer?

In the world of user created videos the big name is YouTube followed by Vimeo. Using either of these can be quite fun and, if you are a business, very lucrative. However, both have their downsides to them as anyone that has used them ca attest. Many of these issues seemed to show up right after Google bought YouTube although to be perfectly honest some of them (odd rankings, copyright problems etc) were always present with the service. However, most of us have been stuck with one or both of these services simply because there is no alternative with the same user base and reach.

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The company BitTorrent, which is behind the eponymous popular protocol for file sharing, will soon introduce a mobile application for streaming of content. The application represents the company's latest attempt to show themselves in a good light as a provider of legal services.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 14:56

Dropbox gets Vimeo support


Today Dropbox and Vimeo decided to team up and allow Dropbox users to directly upload their videos to Vimeo from their Dropbox folder. Besides that one very simple, but yet so often missed feature, they are also providing the ability to pause an upload in case you cannot upload it all at once. ”Integration within Dropbox is something our community wanted for a while,” said Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor, and with this collaboration they will try to give more popularity to Vimeo, an alternative to the most popular video hosting service Youtube.

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GoogleMicrosoft is now joining the ranks of companies that are suing Motorola Mobility. This is not surprising and if you read between the lines of the complaints the filings you will see that these really have very little to do with Motorola at all (well ok, Motorola is not playing nice either). Unlike the complaints from Apple, Microsoft is claiming that Motorola (and hence Google) is trying to limit the use of the H.264 video standard.

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ZuneWith all of the hubbub about Spotify and other new music services it seems that Microsoft would like to get in on some of that MP3 love. To do this they are launching a new $10 Zune Pass service. Now, this is not a price reduction, but it is a new level of service. With the $15 price tag you get unlimited downloads, complete with DRM, and 10 song credits per month. You can use these to download DRM free songs that you can use in almost any way you like.

With the new $10 plan you get the same unlimited downloads, but you lose out on the 10 song credits. We are fairly certain that this will not bring in a ton of new Zune owners, but it certainly is a step in the right direction for Microsoft at this point. This news was accompanied by a rumor that Microsoft will be adding more video services to the Xbox 360. Some of the ones that are being tossed around are Comcast, HBO Go, Crackle and many more. The thing that makes this even more interesting is that is Microsoft is working on this for the XboX 360 then it is already planning to drop these into Windows 8’s Media Center.

Now I wonder if I can get confirmation on that Microsoft Run Media Service that I was hearing about. Maybe this report is not so much Microsoft adding these services in but offering an aggregation service for these and dropping this into Windows and the Xbox… Remember, Microsoft has already said they are working toward integrating Xbox and Windows, so this idea is not that far-fetched. We will work to find out more on this.

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