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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 20:17

The Pirate Bay Is Sailing Into The Cloud


After their past server hosting provider PRQ got raided by the feds, The Pirate Bay decided to make a move towards protecting themselves. They announced this move in a very theatrical blog post “So, first we ditched the trackers. Then we got rid of the torrents. Now? Now we've gotten rid of the servers. Slowly and steadily we are getting rid of our earthly form and ascending into the next stage, the cloud.” Even though the whole movement only caused a small 5 minute outage, it was quite a big job to do it.

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Back in October of last year we talked a little bit about AMD’s plans and where Rory Reed saw AMD heading. We knew from his past work with Lenovo that he was fascinated with the mobile world and that he felt it was the future of computing. Since that time we have heard him talk more and more about how the current laptops and desktops have more than enough power to do what they need to do. His reasoning is that the computer world is going to shift to the cloud and back into the traditional client/server infrastructure or more accurately the mainframe/terminal infrastructure. Looking at the current state of the cloud the Mainframe/Terminal model is the way that many companies want to go anyway. They want to do all of your calculations, rendering, compiling and then send you the output.  All your “PC” needs to be able to do is display that output. This is the future that Rory Reed envisions for AMD.

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At their earnings call the other Day Intel made the statement that they are at least three years ahead of other companies when it comes to silicon manufacturing. Yesterday and today the news is all about how ARM is preparing to compete with Intel in the server market with their 64-bit RISC processors which are to be manufactured using the same tri-gate manufacturing that Intel is currently using for their Ivy Bridge CPUs. You know the ones that have been shipping since early this year? This means that no matter how thin you slice it ARM will not have able to make a tri-gate CPU until at least 2014-2015.

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News_PR_Machine-1776There used to be a thing called truth in journalism. It meant that when you published an article you should at the very least check your facts if you are presenting it as “news” in the world of editorial articles things are different as an editorial is nearly always an opinion based article with some facts thrown in for furn. What has happened though is that with the introduction of Blogs, Fan Sites and other venues for information some of the fact checking has gone out the window in the effort to be the first to report on a juicy bit of news. When an article hits one of the big sites it often gets spread around the net and becomes the “truth” simply by means of repetition. We have watched this many times (and it is something that Apple’s PR and marketing thrive on).

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us_cert_logoThere is a new security warning for some people running virtualized systems on Intel CPUs. According to researchers at US CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) the issue exists with some 64-bit operating systems when running on a hyper visor style host machine (also if the host OS is 64-bit). The vulnerability includes a method for escalation of privileges and a potential guest to host escape.

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News_manstealingdataRemember the article that we posted a couple of weeks ago stating that one thing that Anonymous has done is highlight security concerns that corporations would rather keep hidden? Well it turns out that the recent hack on the China Electronics Import & Export Corp (CEIEC) through an outsourced email provider sina.com was all about highlighting security. We had said more than once that the outsourcing of information into the cloud creates a security hole that is miles wide. Still we see this happening more and more as it becomes “cost effective” to allow someone else to deal with security.

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Data-CenterAMD is hard at work to try and cut back on operating costs. This is a smart move on their part as they will have to figure out a way to bounce back from the recent loss they posted. To save money they are working to cut down on their data centers. Currently AMD operates 12 geographically distributed data centers. These have costs associated with them that go beyond simply keeping the lights on.

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