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Thursday, 12 February 2015 16:44

Maelstrom Looks to Serve Web Sites Via Bit Torrent

The word torrent conjures up many things. To the average person the word torrent means a way to get movies, TV shows and other media online for free. To the MPAA, RIAA and other copyright holders it is a bad thing that must be stopped. To a technically minded person it is a protocol that allows you to quickly share data be many people by splitting the data out between multiple systems or seeds. The more seeds the faster the information is shared. This concept has led to more than a few side projects including a secure seeded chat application and now perhaps a new way to serve web pages.

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Well it seems that Microsoft is tired of being the brunt of jokes about slow internet browsing, compatibility and… well just about everything else. If the rumors are to be believed they are going to strip down the render engine for IE 12 and push out two versions with Windows 10. The much leaner version will remove all of the bloat needed for backwards IE compatibility and focus on being a real standards based browser.

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The fight against child pornography was announced earlier this week, and British Prime Minister called for the cooperation of internet service providers, operators of wireless networks and the authors of a web browsers to help filter the content of child abuse.

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Friday, 12 October 2012 06:35

KIDO'Z arriving to Android mobile devices

kidoz logo hi res

Kido'z announced today that they will be bringing their popular kid-friendly media browser to the Android devices. The app allows kids to view and use only programs they are permitted and if parents are not into today’s mobile devices, Kido'z comes with a directory of pre-approved child safe apps so they can choose it quite easily. As smartphones and tablets are getting more popular and very simple to use, at least when you compare them to PCs, it completely normal that kids want to play on them too. So it was just a matter of time before someone brought this kind of software to mobile devices.

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GoogleGoogle’s previously unassailable Chrome web browser has now been hacked three times in only two days. The first two we have already told you about in a previous article. Vupen a French research company found a 0-day exploit that allowed them to jump out of Google’s Sand Box and then another that allowed them to execute arbitrary code on the OS that Chrome was installed on (in this case Windows). Vupen did this as part of the Pwn2Own competition held every year.

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cupcakesApparently it has been something of a tradition for the Internet Explorer Team over at Microsoft to send a congratulatory pastry to FireFox with each new version they ship. However, now that Mozilla is pushing out a “new” release every six weeks the IE gang has shortened up on the size of the pastry. For their latest release MS sent over a small Cup Cake only. The running joke is that because of the smaller update the congratulatory gift is also smaller.

Mozilla’s new rapid release program is supposed to allow patches and fixes to get to market quicker without the normal delay of a major feature update. This decision by Mozilla has cause mixed feelings in the IT community and also the consumer market. Many feel that the short span is annoying and can be inconvenient. IE on the other hand is sticking with the larger full featured releases which, while some times better developed can also throw wrenches into web page performance and compatibility.

Honestly there really is no better way to do this, but I do wish that both companies would address some of the security and performance issues that are plaguing both browsers. FireFox needs to fix the Flash bug that it has while MS really needs to work on securing the way that Plug-in interact with it (especially allowing elevated privileges).

Still it is sort of funny to find out that the IE team sends over a (cup)cake every time a new version of FireFox ships.

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