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Friday, 20 September 2013 21:39

Ballmer Blames Vista for Windows Phone's Failure


So you all remember Windows Vista right? It seems that Microsoft and Steve Ballmer also remember that failed OS (despite current appearances with Windows 8). In fact Steve Ballmer is using Windows Vista as an excuse for their late entry and poor performance in the mobile market. This would seem an odd thing to do as Vista was not a well thought out OS and it was one that failed for Microsoft almost as bad as Windows 8 is right now. The key problem with Vista was that Ballmer and crew tried to make the entertainment industry happy with protections against unauthorized use of movies or copying of the same.

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Microsoft can now finally boast that Windows 8 can no longer be called "disaster like Vista" because in the latest table of operating systems in the world by analyst firm StatCounter, Windows 8 OS, has surpassed Vist which many call the biggest disaster in the history of the giant from Redmond.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012 21:21

Rumors claim that Sinosky was not a team player


Although Steven Sinofsky successfully led Microsoft's important projects, a few days ago he left under unusual circumstances. If you ask Microsoft, the decision was mutual and Microsoft claims that Sinosky was not expelled from the company. However, according to rumors current Microsoft President Steve Ballmer had enough and wanted to get rid of Sinosky.

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So Windows 8 has gone gold and has been shipped to all of Microsoft’s OEM partners so that they all can make the October 26th release date. This is supposed to be a good thing for Microsoft and their partners, but for some reason we just are not hearing the same type of excitement we did with Windows 7 or even Windows Vista. Before the Windows 7 launch we heard from many OEMs and vendors who were excited about the launch of the new OS, it fixed many issues that Vista had and was much faster to boot. This time we are getting responses like “we are not commenting on our Windows 8 plans” or another very generic statement.

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windows-phone-7Microsoft is once again betting on a losing horse. After failed attempted to form HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection) into every aspect of the Desktop with Windows Vista and failing to motivate people to buy the OS they are now pushing a UI that has failed to capture the markets imagination. The funny thing is that they are admitting to this and still cannot see what they are doing. As we have told you before, Microsoft tends to ignore what the public actually wants and seems to make business decisions based on what they think “should” work.

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