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Tuesday, 24 September 2013 20:06

Foxconn workers in fierce clashes


Yantai factory complex owned by Foxconn, which is located in China's Shandong province, was a place where the interregional conflicts between domestic workers from Shandong province and workers from the province of Guizhou took place.

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According to Reporter Brazil, an organization that deals with workers' rights in Brazil, authorities in the South American country have filed a lawsuit against the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones, Samsung. The lawsuit was filed by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and refers to the violation of workers' rights in a Samsung factory which is located in a free trade zone in Manaus.

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AMD logo

Even though Advanced Micro Devices announced last year that they will cut 10% of their workers by the end of 2012's first quarter, things are even worse now. After they announced that expected sales will decrease approximately 10% from the last quarter, they are expected to announce in increase to the number of workers cut to go up to 30% because of weak sales. Rumors are that AMD plans  to announce the workforce cuts between 20% and 30% next week, and it will focus on jobs involving sales and engineering.

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