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Thursday, 25 April 2013 20:52

Next Gen Xbox to be launched in May


Microsoft has announced the date of official launch of the new-generation Xbox console. The company has sent out invitations to certain media to presentation of the new generation Xbox, which will be held on May 21st at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, starting at 10 a.m. local time.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 22:00

Are these the Specifications for the Xbox 720?


Portal VGLEAKS says they managed to get their hands on the detailed specifications of Microsoft's new video game console Xbox 720 (Durango). Although there is no indication from which source this information came from, it sounds quite plausible and very interesting. The leaked specs partially overlap with some earlier rumors which do add to their credibility.

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Monday, 13 August 2012 16:39

Xbox 720 developer’s kit sold on EBay?

Xbox 720 developers kit sold on ebay

A while ago we posted an article describing the alleged Xbox 720 “Durango” developer’s console, and the efforts being made by a certain person to sell the console on the Assemblers Game Forum. Last night someone did in fact sell the console to a very fortunate soul on EBay for a final price of $20,100 USD. The question is; how likely is it that this is the actual console and not some opportunistic scam?

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Saturday, 04 August 2012 22:42

Xbox 720 Info Possibly Leaked

Xbox 720 info leaked

Information about the next-gen xbox console has been leaked, giving a pretty good representation of what we can expect from Microsoft for their next system. Somebody using the alias DaE tried to sell the console, code named “Durango”, for a large price of $10,000 on the Assemblers Game Forum last weekend, but their posting was quickly deleted and their rights to post on the forum were revoked.

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