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If Microsoft is thinking that the Xbox One is just going to fly off the shelves and take over our living rooms they might have a nasty surprise in store for them. Despite the many positive features and aspects of the Xbox One there are some concerns (and complaints) from gamers, consumers, and now even privacy groups.

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Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:04

Kinect for Windows next year


After they unveiled their new game console, Xbox One, which will among other things be equipped with the new version of Kinect, Microsoft announced that a similar equipment for computers based on Windows will be issued next year.

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It is about 24 hours since Microsoft pushed the Xbox One out the door (figuratively) and already sides are being drawn up. In our coverage of the market we expected to see two sides in the coming argument with the Console Purists on one side and the Console Enthusiasts on the other. We were way off base as there are now multiple sides in the debate. One big group that we did not count on was the game renters and resellers. Due to the high price of many games a large segment of the market will now rent games before they buy them. In this manner they can save some money if the game turns out to be a dud. Many gamers also trade-in and resell their games (to get money to buy the next round). Unfortunately for these group Microsoft appears to have forgotten them (along with locking out Xbox 360 games).

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Microsoft today in Redmond before a bunch of journalists introduced the next generation Xbox, which, despite rumors that suggested otherwise, wears a simple name - Xbox One. Although the core purpose of this unit is designed for gaming, Microsoft decided to create a central ultimedia device through which we will watch TV, listen to music and surf the internet. To make the use of all the multimedia features more comfortable Microsoft has created a so-called Snap Mode, which, according to what can be seen should allow fairly easy manipulation of different applications that we use.

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