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The current threat landscape has user account compromise and endpoint takeover as the most common first acts in a security event. The methods used to accomplish this are varied but include such blockbusters as poisoned websites and URLs embedded in email. Once the website is processed the exploit kicks off and things tend to go downhill from there. The most common item abused in your web browser is its ability to process scripts (especially JavaScript). Now Microsoft says they have a way to knock out as much as 45% of exploit attempts related to JavaScript and WebAssembly when using their Chromium based Edge browser.

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Thursday, 08 March 2012 11:51

Google's Chrome falls first at Pwn2Own

News_manstealingdataThe Pwn2Own completion is in full swing and this year we find that Google’s Chrome web browser is the first to fall. Google has claimed in the past that Chrome is the most secure browser (in addition to claiming it is faster). Meanwhile many IT and security experts had questioned this and are concerned about things that Chrome does when installed on an operating system. Still this is the first time the browser has fallen during the infamous competition.

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