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Monday, 05 November 2012 20:40

Technology and Zombies Don't Mix

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Zombie Baby

If you're like most gamers, the thought of the impending zombie apocalypse has probably crossed your mind. Where would you go? How would you get food? Where would you meet up with your loved ones? How would you avoid becoming infected? How would you do this without technology? All great questions to ask.

Unfortunately, most technology would be rendered useless by a lack of electricity. If all the power plant workers are zombies, the power plant can't run. If all the delivery drivers who get fuel to the power plants are zombies, same situation. Computers, cell phones, radios, electric cars, most rail ways, and most aircraft would not function due to their reliance on electricity, either directly or by proxy.

With most of our tools and conveniences, like sterile water that flows straight to our house, out of the way, death tolls would sky rocket as more and more of the population died either from zombies, or from other diseases, famines, etc. While zombies are unlikely to attack any time soon, the CDC does suggest being prepared. Just check their blog. What would you do to survive without technology?

[Ed- The thought of a mass plague that renders many in the population dead or undead is a frightening one, but one that we can approach with a bit of humor considering the number of Zombie movies and TV shows that depict people living near normal lives with power and as well as the occasional overrun city that still has well-manicured lawns despite the time that is supposed to have passed (sometimes months or years). Just who is maintaining all of those lawns anyway…]

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