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The future of The Microsoft Surface

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Microsoft Surface has not yet fully gone on sale, but already rumors about the new models are appearing. According to the relatively reliable MS_nerd, there will be three versions of this tablet. Surface RT 2, edition of Microsoft's tablet with an ARM chip, should have a screen with a diagonal of 8.6 inches. Also, the tablet should be powered by a Qualcomm chipset, unlike the Nvidia Tegra 3 which is in the current edition of Surface RT.

The Surface Pro will also undergo some changes, but the screen on the device will need to grow to 11.6 inches. Instead of the Ivy Bridge based Intel Core i5 processor, the tablet could end up with an AMD APU codenamed the Temash. There will be a third edition of the Surface, claims MS_nerd. Its name will be the Surface Book, it will come with a 14.6 inch screen, and will have a 22-nanometer processor generation, Intel Haswell. Given the diagonal screen, it is possible that this will be something like a laptop.

The launch date is not known for now, but the processors for the two x86 versions of these rumored tablets are not even available. The new Surfaces could appear on the market in the second half of 2013 if everything else gets released on time.

[Ed – When Microsoft launched the first version of Surface everyone was surprised that they went with nVidia instead of Qualcomm. Now it seems that Microsoft could be heading back to Qualcomm if the rumors are true. You can bet that we will be reaching out to see if these hold any water at all.]

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