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The iPhone 5 is leading the Apple herd

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Today Apple had their big press conference and it was really big. They announced almost all they could, we will get a new iPhone, new iPod Touch, new iPod nano, new connector and new earphones. In this article we will focus on the main star, the iPhone 5. Even though there were many rumors that Samsung will sue them over LTE patents they have released it with LTE support and also a new A6 chipset, previous iPhone used the A5. The back panel is replaced with sheet of anodized aluminum, and the whole device is the slimmest so far, the width stayed the same but it did gain some length.

One of the new things that will certainly make a big change is the nano SIM slot that will exclude any other type of SIM cards from new iPhone. Even latest micro SIMs won’t work. Also the headphones jack has been moved to the bottom, so on top there is only power button. As we announced before there is a new connector, called Lightning port, 80% smaller than the previous one, and being able to connect with either side up. Apple also stated that with this design they improved the durability of their cords (Thank God!). They also announced that there will be adapter to ease the change to the new connector, so you won’t have to put all your accessories into the trash bin, well at least not yet.
The iPhone 5 will be available for preorder on September 14 while shipping will start on September 21. They will come in few models, based on storage, so 16GB will go for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399 with a two year contract. As this device will be the main rival to the strong Android competition, we bring you comparison of the new iPhone 5, old iPhone 4S, and Android's star Samsung Galaxy S3. So, has Apple's presentation left an impression good enough for you to buy their new iPhone?

Specifications iPhone 5 iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S3
Processor Apple A6 Apple A5 Samsung Exynos 4 Quad
OS iOS 6 iOS 6 (after Sep 19) Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich, Touchwiz UI
Storage 16/32/64GB onboard 16/32/64GB onboard 16/32/64GB onboard*
Camera 8 Megapixel BSI 8 Megapixel BSI 8 Megapixel BSI
Screen 4“ (1,136x640) IPS 3.5“ (960x640) IPS 4.8“ (1270x720) Super AMOLED
NFC No No Yes
Dimensions 123.8x58.6x7.6mm 115.2x58.6x9.3mm 136.6x70.6x8.6mm
Weight 112g 140g 133g

*Storage is expandable with micro SD cards

[Ed - The iPhone 5 is not really bringing anything new to the table here. The A6 is an older SoC, 1GB of RAM is standard, Even the screen is not new. The only thing that is truly new here is the proprietary connector that Apple will maintain control over. They will sell the adapters and also the cables for now. It makes you wonder who is really innovating in the market these days...]

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