Saturday28 January 2023

The Pirate Browser hits the high seas...

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The most famous search engine for torrent files, The Pirate Bay, these days celebrated 10 year anniversary of successful operation, despite the efforts of many anti-piracy campaigns, organizations and governments of various countries to completely disable their function.

At the moment, while Varg and team of TPB founders is faced with trials against piracy, and many countries are trying to deny access to users, the famous torrent portal released their PirateBrowser, Internet browser intended to easily avoid blocking by ISPs.
This is a simple one-click browser that bypasses censorship and blocking, and allows permanent access to TPB portal. There are no ad-wares or toolbars, but only preconfigured Firefox browser, writes TPB in a statement. Browser is based on Firefox 23, includes a Tor client and a proxy configuration that enables faster load times.

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