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The World's first 3D copy machine

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3D printing is becoming more and more popular every day, and even though there are many controversions about it, looks like there is nothing to stop it. There are several 3D printer manufacturers on the market so it was just a matter of time when the first 3D copy machine will arrive, and that day has come.

Zeus is a device for which the authors say offers in a single chasis up to 4 functions like a traditional multifunctional printers, but they are all available in 3 dimensions. With it, you can scan and print three-dimensional objects, copy them and even send 3D fax. This combination of technologies has captivated investors around the world and their Kickstarter campaign proven to be extreme success. Already in the first day they gathered more than the required $100,000.
Features of this device are very interesting. Units up to 26x18x15 inches can be scanned into a 3D computer model, which can be later printed by the same device in PLA plastic, or you can send it via fax to another Zeus which will print them. Copy option combines scanning and printing in a single process, and works like a real small house replicator. Above all, Zeus connects to PC wirelessly. Starting price for Kickstarter investors is $1,999, and the delivery of the first units is expected in July next year.

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