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Thermaltake Level10M Headset Review - Style and Performance Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
We have said it in the past and we will say it again here. There are times when you can tell by the effort put into the packaging what type of product you are going to get. So far with the Thermaltake Level10 products it has been very easy to tell that you are getting something special. The Level10M headset is no exception.
Level10M Headset-3The front has a nice picture of the headset and a few notable features listed. On the sides of the box you get a short narrative about the design concept behind the level10M and the story behind it. These help to build the mythology of the line and adds in the mystique of owning any product belonging to it.

Level10M Headset-4 Level10M Headset-6

The back of the box has more detailed information about the Level10M Headset.
Level10M Headset-5

As has become the custom with higher end gaming products you get a colorful outer shell and then a sexier box underneath. Once you pull that outer shell off you get to see the real box underneath. It opens more like a box that would contain jewelry or fine china than a piece of gaming hardware.
Level10M Headset-7

Thermaltake has included a decent amount of goodies for use with the level10M headset. You get a carrying bag, two different cables (one for mobile and one for PC use). The PC cable includes a volume and mic control. Both of these plug into the Level10M Via one of two mini USB ports on the headset.

Level10M Headset-9 Level10M Headset-11 Level10M Headset-12

So now that you know what you get in the box, let’s take a look at the headset itself.

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