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Titanfall Developer Respawn Looking Into the PS4, Free to Play and Mobile

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Titanfall developer, Respawn is apparently looking into the world of mobile gaming and… *Gasp* Free to Play. This new information was dropped on us during an interview with Respawn COO Dusty Welch shortly after they announced Stig Asmussen was coming onboard. According to Welch Asmussen will not only be working on the future of Titanfall, but also working on where the company will be heading.

Asmussen also worked on the God of War Trilogy so he certainly has some solid experience in the gaming world. We are not sure if the interest in free to play will ever reach Titanfall, but it is interesting to hear that this is a direction Respawn is considering. Free to paly is a hard one to sell to gamers as they are generally not interested in that model. Simply put free to play often means you will end up needing to shell out quite a bit of money to stay competitive in a game like Titanfall. So while it can be good for a development or publishing company it is not so for the people that want to play the game.

However this does not mean that smaller “Titan” bases games will not show up for mobile and web based play that get people interested in the game while providing revenue. In general Respawn brought on Asmussen to help with follow on games for Titanfall as well as to give them ideas for branching out into other markets. This expansion should include mobile gaming and other console options like the PS4. We know that they are already looking at the PS4 for future game (Titanfall 2?), but so far nothing has been announced.

It will be very interesting to see if Respawn and pull off another game like Titanfall or if they will just end up trying to make the same formula work while pushing out DLC to keep the original title alive.

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Last modified on Friday, 27 June 2014 10:55
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