Wednesday29 June 2022

Tom Clancy's The Division delayed until 2015

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Ubisoft has confirmed that Tom Clancy's The Division is postponed until next year when it should appear on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They delay was accompanied by the usual statement that explained that the Ubisoft Reflections, and development houses Ubisoft Massive and Red Storm Entertainment does not want to compromise the project at the expense of the quality, and that they plan to publish the game plan when it is completely ready.

Tom Clancy 's The Division, or simply The Division, was originally scheduled for release in the second half of the 2014, at least according to official statements from Ubisoft before this one. However, earlier this year appeared the first unofficial rumors that Ubisoft has actually just started to work on the game, and that is just not realistic to expect that The Divison will be ready for release until next year.

Anyway, to calm the spirits, Ubisoft's development departments that are working on the project said that we will definitely see more details about The Division at this year's E3.

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