Thursday01 December 2022

Ukraine's Top Tech Photo has created an online photo editor called... Edit

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The Ukrainian company Top Tech Photo produced another photo-editing web application with simple and easily memorable name - Edit, which allows users to work on photos taken in BMP, PNG and JPEG format. Although it has only basic options it is useful for quick editing of photos when you dont have some other powerful tool at available.

With Edit's help you can easily convert color images to black and white, add a sepia effect, play with lighting, crop the excessive parts of the photo, and save processed photo to your hard drive. Edit currently can process images up to 42 MP resolution, and future versions will receive support for the RAW format. The companies are aware that their application does not yet have a large selection of options such as tools used by Google+ for photo processing , but their advantage is that their Edit can work with all popular browsers , whereas Google+ is only supports within Chrome.
From the company Top Tech Photo stated that their goal is to create an online photo editor that will have all the features that can be found in the desktop version of the application for the same purpose.

You can grab Edit here

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