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Users demanding that Sony release the promised KitKat update for Xperia SP

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At the end of the last year, the owner of the Galaxy Nexus Max Duckwitz via the website launched a petition to get an upgrade to the latest version of KitKat Android operating system for his smartphone, and he succedded in his intention.

A similar petition was launched these days by user nicknamed Cool Breake, who also for some reason decided to delete his profile from those pages after the launch. Regardless of that, the petition is still open, and this time it is referring to Sony's Xperia SP. Despite the fact that Sony announced KitKat upgrade to a smartphone from the Xperia series, upgrade to the SP model has not yet been confirmed, but luckily for the owners of this model is not rejected. Sony on the official website made a diplomatic statement that they are still „investigating“ whether this model will get an upgrade or not.

Since the device is fully capable of running new OS, there is no reason not to publish it, beside the obvious one, which is to force owners to buy new smartphones that will have the latest software. So far there are 3,438 signatures of the required 5,000 in order for petition to be valid and sent to Sony's address. If you are the owner of the mentioned smartphone and want to try to convince Sony to give KitKat upgrade feel free to sign the petition here.

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