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Valve introducing The Big Picture

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“They've got the big screen, now give them the big picture.” is a good parable for Valve's new project. The Big Picture is basically Steam for TV and controllers. Users will be able to plug a PC into their TV and enjoy gaming on a big screen instead of pc monitor. You are probably wondering what has stopping you from doing that now, and the answer is nothing really, but dont you hate when you have to use keyboard and mouse to navigate, or when you transfer from a 20-something inch monitor to a bigger TV the icons seems too small? For many the overall experience feels a lot worse than just staying on PC.

The Big Picture uses an old recipe from consoles, similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, they will use larger, more spaced icons to form a nice layout and achieve the required functionality. There were some rumors that this kind of software will be implemented via the rumored Valve gaming console; Steam Box. However, Valve has said that they have no plans to realease hardware anytime soon. Valve hopes that this project will diminish many common complains about console advantages when it comes to comfort, playing on a bigger screen, or laying back in sofa or bed  while needing only a gamepad to do everything.
The Big Picture

Users will be able to navigate through The Big Picture with a controller, but also with mouse and keyboard if they desire it that way. “Steam’s big-picture mode doesn’t require any additional development from you. Just ensure your game works well with a controller, and we’ll take care of the rest. And don’t worry, keyboard and mouse aren’t going anywhere—users will be able to switch between input devices at any time.“ is stated on Steam's official site. Hopefully this will be decent piece of software to ease the transfer from PC to TV, because you must admit there is nothing better than sitting back in sofa with your friends playing a match of new FIFA/PES/NBA.

[Ed – The more we hear about Steam’s new direction the more we think they are going to start competing with Microsoft head-to-head in the gaming world. By pushing the PC to the large screen HD TV they are pushing into the console market. This is something that we are sure that Microsoft is not going to like. It will eat into Xbox, Xbox Live and Windows 8 sales since Valve just found a way to replace the console with the much more powerful and flexible PC. Now you can take a Windows 7 PC, drop in an HD TV Tuner for use as an HTPC, and still run your favorite games through Steam’s new interface. Set top Box TV compatibility is not something that the Xbox or PlayStation can do so this could be a very big deal especially as integrated graphics become more powerful. We will be following this one very carefully.]

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