Friday19 August 2022

Vesuvius on the way

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AMD has already developed dual-processor graphics card based on chip codenamed Hawaii, at least accroding to unofficial sources, which also state that the card is codenamed Vesuvius. When it appears on the market, it will most likely be the fastest and most expensive solution for demanding gamers and record breakers.

This expectations are also supported by the hardware specifications with a total of 5632 stream processors, a twelve Eyefinity controllers and 2x512 bit memory bus. Hawaii chips have support for CrossFire XDMA for much better scaling in multi-GPU configurations, so Vesuvius should offer bandwidth of up to 128 MB/s via PCI Express 3.0 bus, very low latency for data transfer between GPUs due to higher priority of data packets and support for shared memory between two graphics processors.

In addition, low-latency and unified memory should allow better orientation in GPGPU tasks . Information on the cost and time of launch of dual-processor Vesuvius are not yet known.

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