Wednesday07 December 2022

War Z will have to change their name

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One of the most controversial games of the year, War Z will apparently be forced to change its name. Specifically, the US Patent and Trademark Office feels that the name of the game is too similar to Paramount's blockbuster movie World War Z with Brad Pitt in the lead role. Using the name War Z is currently suspended and it seems that the problematic game will eventually be forced to change its name. The deadline for filing an appeal is 90 days.

You might recall, War Z is under tons of accusations for the simple fact that it has been on sale unfinished on Steam. In the description of the game on Steam you could find a number of mostly false information. People who bought and played War Z are claiming that the game itself cannot be regarded as even a functional alpha version. Only a day after the release of War Z it was withdrawn from Steam and Valve refunded money to buyers.

On the other hand, Sergey Titov from development studio Hammerpoint insists that they did not lie in the description for the War Z on Steam. He claims that all this is a misunderstanding and that the game itself is more than ready for the market. It's worth mentioning that War Z on Metacritic currently carries an average user rating of 1.1/10.

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