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Will Bill Gates come back to CEO position at Microsoft

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According to some financial media, the recent decline in shares of Microsoft for 11 percent, made Steve Ballmer a very unhappy person who is obviously not able to curb the situation that one of the largest technology giants is in today.

International Business Times writes that this situation could lead to a solution which seems as the only chance to save Microsoft, and it is that the company founder Bill Gates returns to the place of chief executive (CEO), which he left in 2000. Gates his last full-time working day at Microsoft did in 2008 and since then he has been assigned as a non-executive chairman, which means doing as much as he wants, what he wants and when he wants.

Although so far there were rumors that Ballmer will be replaced by the current head of the hardware Julie Larson-Green, a new rumor draws Gates back on stage after a long time, who until now always said that he does not have intention to be seriously active at Microsoft again, although he will still give them support whenever necessary.

Analysts believe that the time has come for this move, and Gates could even feel obliged to help the company that has made him one of the richest men in the world, of which he even today earns an incredible amount of money that is not able to spend even when he generously donates it.

[Ed - Although this would probably bring interest back to the company it is not a likely option and would not really do that much to help Microsoft. I think this type of rumor is trying to liken the return of Gates to what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs returned. The two are not similar though and a return of Bill Gates would not have the same invigorating effect that Jobs did with Apple... Still I am thinking that anyone would be better than Ballmer right now...]

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