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Windows 8.1 will have new Direct X 11.2

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Microsoft on the BUILD conference announced some more information about DirectX 11.2, which will come with Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. Possibilities of a new API, that will provide an even greater level of detail in future games, was demonstrated by vicepresident of Windows department, Antoine Leblond.

The first important novelty is called Tiled Resources, which allows game developers to dynamically load high resolution textures, depending on need. Thus it is possible to use lower resolution textures for large scenes and automatically upload those with more detail when zooming a particular object, but it is important to emphasize that the process is very fast and has no excessive negative impact on performance and load graphics processor.

Another novelty is the HSL shader linking, which for Windows 8.1 Store application allows shader compiling of different complexities during the compiling of the application itself (and not during the execution of the same). It also brings dynamic load of ready shaders, depending on requirements and system performance. Games should thus always provide optimum display quality while maintaining the targeted number of frames per second, regardless of the configuration of your computer.

DirectX 11.2 will have less latency for applications that use this API and enable more responsive user interface, and if you are interested in a more detailed overview about a future version of DirectX you can check it on the official website.


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