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Xbox One Officialy Launched and Available For Pre-Order

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Microsoft today in Redmond before a bunch of journalists introduced the next generation Xbox, which, despite rumors that suggested otherwise, wears a simple name - Xbox One. Although the core purpose of this unit is designed for gaming, Microsoft decided to create a central ultimedia device through which we will watch TV, listen to music and surf the internet. To make the use of all the multimedia features more comfortable Microsoft has created a so-called Snap Mode, which, according to what can be seen should allow fairly easy manipulation of different applications that we use.

As expected, the new console brings enhanced version of Kinect, and the system is based on 64-bit architecture with 8 GB of RAM, and equipped with a built-in USB 3.0 ports, a Blu-ray optical drive and three operating systems that run simultaneously. Details on the type of memory specification graphics chip and processor are still unknown, but we have no doubt that we will get the know them better on the upcoming E3.

It should be noted that possibly the best gamepad on the market also received a slight redesign and now is slightly higher, and comes with a built-in battery, improved triggers, and according to the promise - better ergonomics. Special features like share button or trackpad that we've seen in the new PlayStation 4 gamepad are left out.

One of the major features of the Xbox, its Live service, on the Xbox One will be much more intelligent and powerful, the content will be placed in the cloud, and the important news is that players will have at their disposal the tools to capture and edit videos and share gameplay footage with friends on social networks. For the smooth functioning of Xbox Live Microsoft secured as many as 300,000 servers, which is a huge shift from the 15 thousand that are currently performing this function.
About the games are, unfortunately, very little was said. Only a strategic partnership with Electronic Arts was discovered, which prepared for the next-generation Xbox four games on the new engine (FIFA 14, Madden, NBA and UFC). New Forza and Remedy's Quantum Break were also presented, while the public for the first time got a chance look at a few shots from the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Microsoft has confirmed that within one year after the release of the console they will push out a total of 15 exclusives, of which 8 will be brand new franchise, and they also promised that we will get more information at E3 next month. Xbox One will appear on store shelves "later this year“.

[Ed - We have already covered the ends and outs of the market placement, what the Xbox One really is and what this new strategy might bring Microsoft. We also wanted to bring you some of the details of today's launch in order to cover both sides of the event. As we said earlier, this is basically an HTPC that can play console games, but it does have more than a few things to like. With Sony's inane teaser video, the details and show today is sure to give some momentum to the Xbox One...]

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