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XFX says take it back where you bought it

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47In a surprising move XFX is now stating that they do not provide ANY direct warranty to the consumer. According to their warranty information page  they state “XFX does not sell its Product directly to the consumer therefore the warranty for XFX Products remains the responsibility of your reseller where you purchased the Product”. I am not sure about you, but this sounds like they are dodging responsibility…

Taking a deeper look into XFX’s warranty policy we find a couple of other changes to the global idea of a warranty. Again taking XFX’s own written word you get the following;

“This warranty offered by XFX to its Resellers is limited to the repair and/or replacement, at XFXs discretion, of defective or nonconforming Product, and XFX shall not be responsible for the failure of the Product to perform specified functions, or any other non- conformance caused by or attributable to: (a) any misapplication, modification or misuse of the Product; (b) failure of Customer to adhere to any of XFXs specifications or instructions; (c) neglect of, abuse of, or accident to, the Product; or (d) any associated or complementary equipment or software not furnished by XFX.”

Now point “a” is very understandable; if you overclock the GPU, hit it with a hammer, pour chocolate sauce on it, or anything crazy like that then they do not have to cover it under warranty. Where things get a little questionable is parts “b” and “c” As these two considerations are under the judgment of XFX they could claim this for any warranty that they just do not want to deal with.

This could make it very concerning when buying any product from XFX, but then again we would urge anyone buying ANY computer component to check out the warranty policy and also to contact the manufacturer just to see how their support works. For now, well we would recommend to have extra caution when buying XFX products.

Thanks to Forum Member PM_DMNKLR for letting us know about this one

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